YS11 Agricultural machinery tractor seat

Short Description:

  • Model Number:: YS11
  • Fore/aft Adjustment:: 150mm, Each step 15mm
  • Weight Adjustment:: 40-120kg
  • Suspension Stroke:: 60mm
  • Cover Material:: Black PVC
  • Optional Color:: Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
  • Product Detail


    What are the features of a KL Seating Brand Tractor Seat?
    1. Heavy Duty Molded Steel Frame
    2. Heavy Duty Vinyl Material
    3. Adjustable Fore and Aft Slide Track Position
    4. Full Adjustable Suspension (Comfort Ride)
    5. 2 Piece Self Draining Seat Cushions
    6. User weight up to 265 pounds
    7. Quality, Durable, Comfortable.

    Model NO. YS12
    Fore/aft adjustment 150mm
    Weight adjustment 40-120kg
    Suspension stroke 60mm
    Cover material Waterproof PVC
    Optional colors Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
    Accessories Seat belt, Micro switch, Armrest, Slide


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