YS15 Mechanical suspension seat

Short Description:

Fabric or PVC Cover Mechanical Suspension Driver Seat

* Mechanical Suspension Tractor Seat, Adjustable Backrest Headrest and Slide Rails,Adjustable Armrests Shock Absorber

* Heavy Duty for Forklift Excavator Harvester, Whatever you can imagine,we’ve got it for you. Our seat its comfortable and very robust construction.* The seat requires no maintenance intervals. Install our seat, drive off and waste no more worries.* The base plate has various mounting holes:
In width (from left to right), the mounting holes have a distance of 260 mm.

* Various holes are specified in depth, from 136 mm to 325 mm.(It is also possible to drill other mounting holes.)

  • Model Number:: YS15
  • Fore/aft Adjustment:: 176mm,Each step 16mm
  • Weight Adjustment:: 50-130kg
  • Suspension Stroke:: 80mm
  • Cover Material:: Black PVC or fabric
  • Optional Accessory:: Headrest, Safety belt, Armrest, Swivel
  • Product Detail

    Technical details
    * Mechanical sprung seat
    * Extra strong scissor suspension.
    * Backrest adjustable and foldable.
    * suspension Adjustable height to 3 different positions.
    * Height adjustment: 60 mm.
    * Height from base plate to seat cushion top edge 310 mm -370 mm
    * Suspension travel: 80 mm.
    * Weight adjustment: 50 to 130 kg.
    * Longitudinal adjustment 176 mm,each step 16mm.
    * Adjustable back extension down 80°.
    * Armrests can be tilted - height adjustable and folded.
    * Highly durable faux leather cover.
    * Interchangeable covers and pads
    * Lap belt mounting points according to DIN standard.
    * Seat pad width: 525 mm.
    * Extra thick padding.
    * Width with armrests: 615 mm.
    * Mechanical lumbar support.
    * Retractable seat belt.
    * Contains Operator pressure sensor.
    - *Safe, comfortable and durable* Highly durable faux leather cover.Made of firm steel plate and High rebound polyurethane foam.-Multi-directional adjustmentadjustable Headrest and Slide Rails,angle adjustable armrest.Backrest adjustable back extension down 80°.- *suspension stroke* Suspension Adjustable height to 3 different positions.Height from base plate to seat cushion top edge 310 mm
    -370 mm.

    - *Safe* Retractable seat belt.Contains Operator pressure sensor.

    - *Universal Agricultural Machinery Seats* This suspension seat is designed for most of heavy mechanical seat, such as fork lifts, dozers, aerial lifts, floor scrubbers, riding mowers, tractors, excavator and trenchers.

    YS15 Technical Data

    Model YS15 Description

    Model YS15 is a high-quality replacement seat with either an air or mechanical suspension. Designed to be a direct fit replacement kit for your equipment to keep you riding in comfort at a low cost.


    • Assembly is required (seat and suspension do not come attached)
    • Durable fabric or vinyl covering
    • Choose between a 12-Volt air or mechanical suspension
    • Cut and sew vinyl for a more rugged, comfortable cover
    • Contoured foam cushions to ensure operator comfort
    • Adjustable backrest folds forward and reclines
    • Adjustable backrest extension for extra backrest height
    • Adjustable fold-up armrests (30

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